Legomen Attack Toys’R’Us, Hundreds of Minifigs escape.

Hundreds of minifigs have been freed after militant Legomen launched a spectacular assault upon the Cambridge Toys’R’Us.

At around 11pm Monday the doors were blown open with plastic explosives and a Duplo brick bombardment subdued security guards. Around 20 Legomen stormed the store and ripped open Lego kits; constructing the disassembled minifigs within.

This included numerous orcs and trolls from ‘Lord of the Rings’ range who rampaged their way though the toy store and set about destroying rival Megablock’s kits, daubing ‘This what happens to scabs’ upon the packaging torn asunder.

Building their own getaway vehicle the Legomen were last seen heading towards Windsor where sympathizers are believed located.

Other toys were released, military support  being required to deal with running battles between Dr Who action figures and a tribe of feral Bratz who escaped in 2007 and have avoided capture ever since. No casualties have been reported but one member of the SAS suffered a severe loss of dignity after jumping behind a sofa upon hearing ‘Exterminate’ and hiding from a patrol 12cm Daleks.