Chesterfield University Hospitals Daily 23rd June

Chesterfield University Hospitals Says YES to Breasts! 

In support of National Breastfeeding Week Chesterfield University is suckling at the teat of taste with breast milk ice cream being served in the canteen. Staff from the Rose Gamgee Maternity Hospital will be on hand to give breastfeeding tips and advice, with Dr David Chivers delighted at his ‘hands on’ training by the chief midwife yesterday morning.

To raise money for Baby Milk Action, an independent charity promoting breast feeding, employees can enter ‘Match the Mammary with the Mother’. Can you work out which breasts match which employees? For a £2 entry fee you get an entry sheet with photos of both and the correct answer drawn out of the hat will win an all expense trip to Hooters, London; where you’ll get waitress service with a smile, short shorts and tight tops!

Clinic 9 ½ Opened for Non Muggle Maladies

After successfully tendering for the Non Muggle and Magician contract, Chesterfield University Hospitals is delighted to announce the opening of Clinic   9 1/2. There all manner of magical maladies will be treated from Wizards Wrist, caused by excessive wand wielding, and Crones Droop where spell casters experience a pronounced softening then sagging of noses and other appendages.

There will also be outreach programmes to prevent unplanned transformations, teaching wizards and witches not to practice magic without using protection and where this fails what to do to get emergency contraTransformation and prevent STDs (Sorcery Transmitted Diseases).

Childcare, Have You Booked it for this Summer?

With summer holidays nearly here have you made suitable arrangements for your children? If not you could put them to work in Chesterfield University Hospitals Summer Camp!

With care packages for boys and girls aged 6 to 12 years old they can be looked after, earn a wage and help Chesterfield University Hospitals provide excellent patient care! Could little Jonnie shovel waste into the furnace and little Lucy collect bedpans from dementia patients? If the answer is yes they’ll earn you £2 an hour while you work this summer, with trained professionals ensuring the hospitals well being is maintained while the children are exploited to their fullest potential.




Sepp Blatter to Become Greek President

Former FIFA boss Sepp Blatter has become the new president of Greece in a shock announcement.

The disgraced head of footballs governing body has pledged to donate ‘A large pile of used $100 bills’ his maid found in a brown paper bags behind the sofa. This is not a complicated money laundering operation Blatter confirmed and has nothing to do with the FBI investigating his affairs but being a head of state provides some degree of diplomatic immunity which he described as being ‘useful’.

In addition Blatter pledged to tackle the rampant corruption and fraud rampant in the Greek economy, “I am an expert in these fields, I understand the mindset of those who wish to cheat the system for personal gain” he told a press conference from his lavish presidential palace. After providing journalists with a Champaign reception the new president showed details of his economic recovery plan, which mostly involved renaming the Acropolis the ‘Nike Zone’, a temple devoted to the Goddess of Victory and High Performance Sports Wear.