Zombie Llama’s

An investment of £17m will create 146 jobs in South Yorkshires thriving undead manufacturing sector, it has been announced.

Voodoo Valley Pets are to manufacture a new line of Zombie Llamas at a plant in Sheffield. The new products will be distributed throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

The Industrial Development Board are providing a grant of £4.25m to the project which they see as a major boost to South Yorkshires burgeoning manufacturing sector. Of the 146 jobs, 130, will be provided in Hillsborough where the Zombie Llamas will be manufactured while 16 will be created by the company’s badger milking division in Chesterfield; badger serum being crucial in turning the domestic llama into a creature from beyond the grave.  

“This investment is a major endorsement of Yorkshire as the global undead manufacturing centre by a company which has a strong track record in the development of British made domesticated undead pets ” said VVP Chairman, Dr Andrew Bailey; creator of ‘Ernie the Herring Ghoul’, last years must have accessory during Milan fashion week.   

Voodoo Valley Pets Managing Director, Michael Wieloch, said the company chose Sheffield because of the availability of quality young virgins whose fragile necks are ripe for the vampiric embrace. Beyond that no good reason but the Medowhall Shopping Centre does have an excellent branch of WH Smiths.  

He also praised the response of Sheffield council stating the banning wooden stakes, holy water and cottage cheese from the city boundaries was a definite pull factor. The location of nearby badger farms was another driving factor in the choice of Sheffield, “We would have relocated to Chesterfield but it’s a sh!t hole, I’d much rather live in Iraq, Afghanistan or Dudley.”

Zombie Llama’s are to star in their own cartoon series to be shown on ITV later this year with a spin off, Dwayne the Demon Deliberator, planned for a November release in time for the lucrative Christmas market.