North Korea in Boardgame Dispute

 Angry North Korea has walked out of nuclear talks after being denied use of the battleship during the traditional post summit game of Monopoly.

In UN Security Council resolution 6748 it clearly states that North and  South Korea will share the use of the battleship on a rota system. Pyongyang are now unwilling to use the alternative stating ‘To be a dog, a poodle for the US, capitalist pigs, is an unbearable insult’.
China has appealed for the North to return to negotiations while Russia is willing to allow the Pyongyang delegation the use of its top hat if this will push forward the six party talks. 

After international agreement that it could use the red pieces during games of Risk North Korea began dismantling its nuclear programme but following the ‘Kerplunk Incident’ this process stalled.

Now a defiant Pyongyang have vowed to permanently walk out of international talks and resume long range missile tests. It claims these are for peaceful purposes and nothing to do with sinking the US Battleship in E4.  

This is not the first time board games have caused bitter international disputes. In 1939 Adolf Hitler stormed out of a peace summit and invaded Poland after Neville Chamberlin falsely accused him of murdering Dr Black in study with the lead piping.


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