‘Scrabble: The Movie’ coming to a Cinema Near You

 Following the success of ‘Battleship’ the next boardgame blockbuster is scheduled to be ‘Scrabble:The Movie’, with the tagline of ‘Sometimes 7 people, at the right time and in the right place, can score big’.

 A deal between DreamWorks and Hasbro has given the studio rights to develop a movie based boardgame with Michael Bay signed as director with an estimated $195m budget. Screen writers Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish will script the Alice Pieszecki  story.

 The project is shrouded with secracy but in todays press conference Michael Bay announced that it`ll feature Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and ex Doctor Who, David Tennant, as the enigmatic letter ‘Q’ who links people through the ‘The Chart’, uniting the hubs of this network for one massive bingo.

 Like his previous films the movie will be shot in 3D and will be a a complete clusterfuck of thrill, spills and explosions. ‘I’ll be fruitcaking the frame’ Bay told journalits, ‘with something for the hardcore scrabble fans but Rosie providing plenty of double wow scores to get pulses racing’.


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