BNP Sponsors Olympics

Jumping on the Olympic sponsorship bandwagon the British National Party has become the official ‘Far Right Fascist of the 2012 Olympics’.  The £6m deal means the party can now use the 5 rings logo on its promotional material and its leader, Nick Griffin, will be a guest of honour at the opening ceremony. It is believed he will be seated next between Robert Mugabe and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Seb Coe claimed that London 2012 would not be influenced by the new sponsor but it’s been reviled that the archery competition will be held at ‘Agincourt Stadium’ while the German national anthem will be replaced with the Great Escape theme.

The most controversial policy linked to the BNP sponsorship deal has been ‘British Medals for British Athletes’, with stringent immigration tests for foreign competitors and any showing winning potential refused entry into the country.

‘We minted the medals, we should be allowed to win them’ Lord Coe told journalist.


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