Royal Mint Issues £20 Coin to Commemorate Bashing the Bosh

Mint produces 250,000 coins, in celebration of World War I, where England gave the Germans a dam good thrashing!

A silver coin has been struck by the Royal Mint commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First World War

The coin carries the image of Britannia driving a tank over German trenches, crushing the soldiers within them was designed by UKIP leader Nigel Ferage, with Lord Kitchener replacing the Queens head upon the reverse. 

A batch of 250,000 of the coins has been created and, like those minted to celebrate the birth of Prince George, is expected to sell out within days. That coin featured Saint George standing on the white cliffs of Dover surveying the domains yet to be conquered across the English Channel.    

Designer Ferage said: “After reading a few history books I ignored everything they contained and drew inspiration from ‘Blackadder goes Forth’. After asking my German wife if she approved I assumed the shrieks she let forth was an endorsement of this works beauty”.   

“The centenary of England saving Europe is an occasion of great significance, it is important to us that the deaths of many great officers should be commemorated; the gentries great sacrifice as they answered the call to fight for king and country” said David Cameron, launching this coin at a Downing Street reception.

It is expected a special Great War 1 pence piece will be launched by Nick Clegg later in the year, with each member of the armed forces given a copy of the coin for in these times of austerity this nation is no longer able to give its service men and women a whole shilling.

To mark the start of World War I a new medal for gallantry or acts of bravery in the face of opposition will also be introduced, the first to receive ‘The Somme Star’ being David Cameron for his unfailing refusal provide a factual answer during Prime Ministers Question.  


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