Chesterfield University Hospitals Daily 01/11/16

Mr Kipling Sponsors A&E

Following in-depth, and more importantly very expensive, research by ParasitesWastrelsCharlatans it has been ascertained that A&E is governed by the equation  E=MC and in times of crisis it becomes E=MC2. In lay womans terms it means a hospitals capacity to cope with an Emergency it’s the number of Medics multiplied by the availability of Cake. The greater the magnitude of emergency the greater the need for cake.

Following of from this ground-breaking research Mr Kipling are proud to sponsor Chesterfield University Hospitals ‘Exceedingly Good Accident and Emergency Department’. The free cake for consultants, subsidised cake for consultants and no discounts for nurses (well the little ladies need help to keep their figures) will result in top class service being provided and waiting targets hit month in, month out. In addition to this hospital security will be sponsored by Anasol as they will now be empowered to rid of irritating pains in bum or members of the public who’ve rocked up at A&E with non-emergency conditions.


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