Next Generation iSaber Could Launch in July

Anonymous sources within Apple Corp have revealed that Darth Jobs is set to launch iSaber 5 in July. This will be similar the iSaber 4 in design with its standard single plasma blade but is thought to have an 8 gigapixel digital camera along with 60tb cloud MP3 player.

Compatible both with Microsoft THX1138 and Gungan Chrome operating systems the iSaber 5’s OP3c processor will double its power output enabling practitioners of the force unparalleled cutting power while maintaining Holonet connection; assume this is to ensure not a single tweet is missed despite being in mid combat.

It revolutionary ‘Kaleidoscope’ crystal sets facilitate a rainbow of blade colors, sources claim that the iSaber 5 will even feature a red blade setting ‘for when a Jedi wants to get Sith with their opponents ass’ and as a novelty fancy dress prop.

Expected to retail for 60000 credits it should be within most Jedi’s price range is expected to be this summers must have accessory.