News in Brief

 Oxygen Causes Cancer!  

 Three breaths a day dramatically raises the odds of dying from cancer a major study claims.

 Data from 15000 deaths was analysed by the Cambridge Research unit of Applied Pathology (CRAP), of those nearly 7000 related to cancer. If those 7000 hadn’t breathed oxygen they wouldn’t have died of cancer was the shocking conclusion, clear evidence that cancer and the way we respire are intrinsically linked.  

 Inhaled oxygen, absorbed through the lungs, binds with erythrocytes in the body delivering fuel to carcinogenic cells allowing these cancers to multiply and spread.  

 Research linking carbon and cancer is on-going but initial findings suggest that we should move to caesium based organic life.

 Osborne Told ‘Ease the Squeeze’

 Sources close to Ed Miliband have revealed that Labour leader has sent 18 private memos to the chancellor asking him to ‘Ease the squeeze and be less vocal visiting the parliamentary lavatory’.

 Others state ‘Osborne, you may be full of shit but please don’t prove it day after day’, Mr Miliband has secretly laid blame for his parties failure to formulate an effective opposition due to the daily grunts, groans and screaming that accompany the Chancellors frequent and lengthy trips to the lavatory, which is adjacent to the Labour leaders office.

 George Osborne is unavailable for comment on the matter


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